Ring Sizing Guide

The simplest way is to use a ring sizer.

However, you can easily find your ring size yourself.

  1. Find something to go around your finger, this could be something like string or floss. For this example we will be using string.
  2. Wrap the string around your finger where the ring will be sitting. The string should not be loose, but shouldn’t cut in at all either.
  3. Using a pen mark on where the string first overlaps on your finger to make a complete circle.
  4. Line your string up against a ruler and check the length in mm. 
  5. Now compare this measurement with the size guide on the product page.

Please note that ring sizes are not universal and you should check this measurement with each individual ring you intend to purchase.

Thicker bands will fit tighter. If the finger you are planning to buy for is usually a snug fit in a certain size you may wish to purchase a size bigger.

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